Hello and welcome to Barton & Barton’s Blog!

Barton & Barton SA is a software development company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We work with customers in several countries and cover a wide range of technologies amongst which we can include:

  • Dynamics Great Plains Development
  • Dynamics Axapta Development
  • Dynamics CRM Development
  • PHP
  • .NET (C#, VB and ASP.NET)
  • SQL
  • Joomla Development
  • OpenERP development
  • PHPFox Development
  • Social Engine Development
  • Magento Development
  • Drupal Development

In this Blog we are going to talk about those technologies trying to post those things that come up during our work that could be useful to you all. We work in many projects and we were feeling the experience collected through those was not getting used correctly, some times we use a certain solution to a problem, a software development problem, and that solution is often useful to more people, everybody should benefit from it.

We will also post things that interest us or are related to our internal projects. We carry on with a few other internal projects (some web, some not) and want to use this blog to keep all interested people updated on new developments. We haven’t yet caught that one project that would take us to the top, but we are getting there…

In the company it’s only Christian (ME!) and Veronica Barton together with a bunch of other developers, but only Christian and Veronica will be ¬†writing entries to this Blog, well.. maybe Nicol√°s will write something too at some point, but what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t expect lots of entries every month, we will try to post at least one entry a month but it will depend on the time we have and also on the work we did, we don’t want to write about anything, so it has to be fairly interesting.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoy the Blog!